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A view of yesterday from today

Remains of our national and local history surround us. Despite the state of flux and change to the urban and rural landscape there are reminders of that history, spanning from as long ago as 5,000 years or more, to our more recent past. The way the landscape has changed is evident in prehistoric earthworks, such as hillforts, stone circles and barrows, and can also be seen from the effects of farming, travel and industry. Quarries, mills, canals and railways have all had an impact on the landscape, leaving many interesting and delightful traces of former activities.

This is a personal record of discovering many of these delightful remains, from the more dramatic of them - Stonehenge, castles and cathedrals, for instance - to the more prosaic and easily overlooked, such as the vernacular architecture and the connection between local buildings to the landscape. It also includes Urban Exploration of the more recent past, of derelict and abandoned buildings, military installations and defences from WW2, industrial structures, as well as evidence of earlier history. Past trade and leisure activities are seen along the way, together with various oddities still to be found in town and countryside...monuments, decaying farm machinery, old street furniture and other charming curiosities.

  Most places visited are in and around East Devon and West Dorset, but also include some from elsewhere in Britain. The continuing quest will see further discoveries, more additions and on-going updates to this site, as well as the inclusion of previous visits from the last few years (now mostly up to date but I still come across the odd old negatives or slides in my collection of places that I'd like to share), so please keep looking...and I hope you enjoy the journey. 

Latest Updates

13th May 2017

Website News

I've finally finished changing the font back to its original one on all the pages (after the changeover to a new website builder caused it to be different), and which took just over 7 months to do. Yay! :) I've also deleted a few things, such as the Lyme Bay page and the Diary Section in Other Photography. I'd given myself too much to do and I want to concentrate on bringing the website up to date first by rewriting and adding to those page articles that haven't much in them; also finishing those that are in the pipeline. 

22nd March 2017

Salem Chapel, East Budleigh, Devon

New-ish: There were only three photos on the page and nothing else, so I've added a load of history and information. I'm having difficulty accessing my photos at the mo, due to problems with the new web builder, but will add them when I can along with some more history.

Royal Doulton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs

Added: A lot more information and history to the Site Visits article, and will add more photos when I can access them (see above).

2nd March 2017

St Mary's Church, Ottery St Mary, Devon

Edit: Added more information to the site visit page and edited some clumsy grammar...a case of 'creeping elegance'! And, the same thing applies as the edit below; there are more photos for the article once I can access my photos.

27th Feb 2017

Otter Mill Complex, Ottery St Mary, Devon

Extensive Edit: I've changed things around a bit to match up the photos and the story, and added more information. More photos to go on the article but, unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the site builder and can't access them at the mo.

29th Jan 2017

New Blog

I've just started a blog on Blogger, called Past Remains 2. Basically, I'm using it as a backup for my website in case anything happens to it...or to me, which would mean losing all but three pages if the site is no longer paid for. It's also a good place to add odd stuff that I wouldn't normally write an article for inclusion here. It can be found here...

30th Dec 2016

H Law Bakery, Exmouth, Devon

Extensive Edit: I just came across a lot of information about this derelict bakery - and the ghost signs on it - and completely re-wrote the Site Visit page, adding new info as well as some architectural guesswork. And I've now also changed the title to reflect that.


New:  Painted Signs and Mosaics. A fantastic blog of ghost ads and mosaic signs from all over Britain and around the world. I came across this while researching the above bakery and found it to be a very interesting and excellent source of info.

New: My Flickr. Long overdue, but I've now added a link to my photos on Flickr. I post up a few that go into Past Remains, but mostly they're other photos of various subjects, including nature/landscape, home interior and seasonal, as well as my passion for architecture. Current ones include a stack of B&Ws that I took in 1991/92 in and around Exeter and Seaton.

COPYRIGHT: Please note that all text and photographs are the copyright of Eileen Wright, and should not be copied, downloaded or used without the owner's express permission. Contact for permission may be made through the website (details on the page About Me). DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate visits to places other than those where the public are allowed. Any trespassing or visits to potentially dangerous sites are therefore at your own discretion and you will be responsible for any subsequent problems encountered.

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